Kuidas turustada biomarkeritel põhinevaid leiutisi? Liituge aruteluga BIC BRIDGE partneritega BioVaria Virtualis

How to Commercialize Biomarker Based Inventions? Join the Discussion with the BIC BRIDGE Partners at BioVaria Virtual.

Join this session to discuss experiences and share successes and problems around the topic of the commercialization process:

  • What is important for a successful pitch?
  • What is the role of networking?
  • Why focus on regulation?
  • These are only a few topics the discussions will touch upon. 

Please register here: https://www.biovaria.org/register-plan/register

To support the commercialization of new biomarkers, the BIC BRIDGE consortium developed tools that are freely available on https://biomarker.nu/(no registration required). The tools include technical, commercial, and regulatory topics for technology transfer offices (TTOs), researchers, and companies.

The BIC BRIDGE consortium consists of 9 partners from the Baltic Sea Region and beyond: Idéklinikken, Wroclaw Technology Park, BioCon Valley® GmbH, Tartu BT Park OÜ, University of Turku, Turku Science Park Ltd, Labmaster Ltd, Dianox APS, EATRIS.