EIT Health Community is tackling COVID-19 related crisis with several initiatives

The EIT Health community is working tirelessly in response to the pandemic, harnessing their combined knowledge and the strength of their network to join the fight against the virus.

The EIT Health teams working across 25 countries are also supporting the community in raising awareness of the European Union’s newly launched COVID-19 initiatives such as the Joint Procurement Agreement for purchasing personal protective equipment, respiratory ventilators and items necessary for coronavirus testing and the rescEU stockpile of supplies needed to fight the coronavirus.

Several organisations in the EIT Health community are directly engaged in the crisis response, from the development of critical medical equipment, potential vaccines and treatment to remote monitoring and patient support and donation of emergency supplies. They are posting the latest examples of  innovative solutions being developed and rolled out across the EIT Health network here: https://eithealth.eu/covid-19-community-response/

EIT Health has also launched a new ‘matchmaking’ solution that allows innovators working in COVID-19-related research, product development, or frontline healthcare to share their on the ground needs and solutions. They have already received offers and asks ranging across software design support, home monitoring solutions and decontamination services, and are currently working through them to create the best matches possible.