Seminar: Personalised Medicine – applications and opportunities

Sept 9, 2014 at Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol, Startup Incubator, Mäealuse 2/1 1st floor UK Lounge

Seminar is organised by Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol, UKTI, Estonian Development Fund, European Connected Health Alliance and Estonian Health Foundation.

Personalised medicine is an attractive but also frightening concept. We want to dedicate this day to explore personalised medicine applications in different domains and on top of challenges also see the realistic opportunities in the near future.


9:00 – Opening Greetings

9:30 – Tony Bjourson, Head of the Northern Ireland Centre for Stratified Medicine –  Personalised medicine approaches to managing chronic diseases

10:00 – Brian O’Connor, Chair of ECHAlliance – About Connected Health Ecosystem and opportunities for Estonia

10:30 – coffee break with moderated discussion about Estonian Connected Health Ecosystem

11:30 – Andres Metspalu, Member of the Board, Estonian Genome Project – Genomic Medicine

12:00 – Olli Kallioniemi,  Professor and Director of FIMM (Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland) – Personalized preventive connected health

12:30 – lunch

13:30 – Dr Loic Lhuillier, Program Manager, Stratified Medicine, Technology Strategy Board

14:30 – Josef Scheiber, Managing Director at BioVariance GmbH, Personalised Medication

15:00 – coffee break

15:30 – Kaja Kuivjõgi, Estonian Development Fund – Estonian view on personalised medicine application in Estonia

16:00 – Debate about pros and cons for personalise medicine

16:45 – networking & 121 meetings

Please register to  by the 8th of September. The event is free of charge.


Enjoy the summer and see you in September,

Külle Tärnov

Head of Business Development Department

Health Tech Cluster Manager

Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol

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