Tartu Biotechnology Park will be participate on ERDF Project: Baltic Fracture Competence Centre


BFCC aiming for Innovation within fracture management and a transnational fracture registry platform composed of 6 hospitals from Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Lithuania, Poland and Sweden.

In ageing societies, the need for innovative products and clinical procedures for fracture treatment is increasing due to more age-related fractures and comorbidities such as osteoporosis or post-surgery complications like infections. Innovations must reduce the total cost of care or clearly improve the quality of care at a justifiable cost and bring new solution to outstanding medical challenges.

BFCC will establish a transnational collaboration platform between hospitals and industry, which will be tested in 3 transnational pilots, with 6 hospitals and 4 companies involved. With its lead partner Life Science Nord Management, its 14 further project partners and its 26 associated organisations the BFCC has an excellent basis to establish a Baltic Sea Region wide platform for future collaboration and thereby foster innovation within fracture management.

As part of the EUSBSR flagship project ScanBalt HealthRegion the project will open the research and innovation infrastructure and all identified innovation needs to all Baltic Sea Region companies.

Learn more about the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme www.interreg-baltic.eu

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Tartu Biotechnology Park

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