Tartu Biotechnology Park and Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol are leading health tech companies to US and South Korean markets

With the help of the Central Baltic Interreg programme, Tartu Biotechnology Park and Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol have launched CB Health Access project for the advancement of health tech entrepreneurship. The project will help to introduce Estonian, Finnish, Swedish and Latvian health tech companies, including e-health, medical technology and biotechnology companies, to new markets further afield. The US and South Korea are the first target markets.

First Estonian seminar introducing the programme and the opening markets will be held on 23 March in Tallinn. The seminar will be carried out and the companies will be selected for the programme with two Estonian project partners Tartu Biotechnology Park and Tehnopol. “We will start introducing the US and South Korean markets to health tech companies, as Estonian companies are also welcome there,” said Külle Tärnov, head of the CB Health Access project and of Tehnopol’s health tech unit. “Twenty two health tech companies will be selected for the US programme from the four partner countries, incl. six companies from Estonia. Seventeen companies, including four from Estonia, will be selected for the South Korea programme.”

The programme will include introductions to the respective health tech markets as well as individual guidance for each company, business missions for the target markets, gathering information and finding prospective partners. The expected result is a company achieving primary sales on the target market.

The Finnish health cluster BioTurku will open the way to the rapidly growing South Korean market, while Tehnopol and Enixus from Latvia will be paving the way to Silicon Valley and Pennsylvania in the United States.

The CB Health Access project will last for three years and during this period 17 to 22 companies will be selected from the region for every market. These companies will have to see one of these markets as their target market and their team must be prepared to take on the process of entering the market with their product. The South Korean and US market programmes will start in the first quarter of 2016, with two other markets, India and Uganda, to follow in May.

Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol is the lead partner in the CB Health Access project. The other project partners are Tartu Biotechnology Park, Turku Science Park, Enixus Baltics Latvia and the Swedish Medtech cluster.

The project is being financed via the Central Baltic Interreg programme. Interreg Central Baltic

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