January 21-22, Conference: Social Media in the Pharmaceutical Industry

SMi present their 7th Annual Social Media in the Pharmaceutical Industry conference.  Markets have become conversations. Social media is the online platform and location that provides a way for people to participate in these conversations. It’s a way to tap into what people are saying about a brand, a product or a service: participate in these conversations, be open to new ideas and then use these insights to make better business decisions. Lately, Social Media has also played an important role in disseminating information to the consumers.

As the pharmaceutical industry is advancing, more and more companies are now taking to various mediums like mobile applications, internet and blogs to be socially visible. These channels help them to reach a wider mass and thereby interact not only with like-minded people, but also consumers.

This year’s Conference will deliberate on topics such as regulatory insights, consumer focused approach, mobile & website advances, vision for 2015 to name but a few.

The Conference takes place on the 21 and 22 of January in London, UK.

You can find more information from the link below.