Health Access program accelerates health companies from Estonia to start sales in India, Uganda, South-Korea or US

There is a great Health Access programme that is willing to help you to start sales in one of these distant markets:

India, Uganda, South-Korea or US.

You will get:

  • Needed information from the target market about
    • regulations,
    • business model opportunities,
    • technological setup,
    • competition,
    • possible cooperation partners
  • Adaptions needed for your company’s product and offering
  • Market entry plan, sales and marketing tactics
  • Potential partners, experts and clients
  • The way to achieve sales
  • One business mission to the target market in 2017

The program involves and expert from the target market and one mentor from Estonia with that target market experience to help you with all that.

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Costs and pricing:

  • The full programme cost per company 7700€
  • Price per company 1200€ as the rest is covered by Interreg
  • 15% of the travelling costs for 1 person, ab. 330€

Apply by Oct 21 by filling in the form available from:

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