Health Access program – 2 last available spots in Uganda and in South-Korea

Tartu Biotechnology Park helps two more Health companies in the context of the Health Access program to start sales in Uganda and in South-Korea.


Time is ripe for new partnerships and business relations in the Ugandan health sector.

  • The business environment is relatively supportive, and the economic and political situation is stable enough to provide favourable conditions for long-term relationships.
  • The health sector has developed quickly over the past five years, especially the private sector.
  • Trends imply that a demand for specialist care and high quality treatment will grow as prevalence of non-communicable diseases increases.

In this process, relationships with foreign partners will be essential.


  • South Korea’s semiconductor sector is at the forefront of its economy with almost 13% of the global market share, creating a country of cutting-edge technology and infrastructure, ideal for the life science market.
  • Medical imaging markets in South Korea are expected to grow at an average rate of 10% per year and will maintain the high growth rate until 2016.
  • The pharmaceutical market of South Korea is expected to grow from approx. $19,3 Billion in 2014 to $24,3 billion until 2020.
  • Total Medical Device market volume in 2013 was $ 4,2 Billion:
  • FTA-agreement (Free Trade Agreement, 2012) with the EU.

The program involves and expert from the target market and one mentor from Estonia with that target market experience to help you with all that.

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Costs and pricing:

  • The full program cost per company 7700€
  • Price per company 1200€ as the rest is covered by Interreg
  • 15% of the travelling costs for 1 person, ab. 330€

Apply by January 31 by filling in the form available from: