ETTBio (Effective Technology Transfer in Biotechnology) aims to identify, exchange and share good practices enabling successful and effective technology transfer in biotechnology.

ETTBio addresses the challenging issue of untapped economic potential of research institutes and universities as a source of innovation and, hence, efficient regional economic development. The project focuses on biotechnology as the key sector, the key enabling technology in 21st century Europe. The sector has very specific characteristics, which have a significant impact on a successful design of the technology transfer process. The potential of biotechnology is, however, hindered by lack of experience and deficiencies in existing policies.

ETTBio project is international and includes partners from seven different countries across Europe.

Juhtparnter: Dresden University of Technology
Project partners:
1. Dresden City Government
2. Imperial College Business School
3. Regional Development Agency Ostrava
4. Free University Brussels
5. Biocat
6. Centre for Genomic Regulation
7. Warsaw City Government
8. International Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology
9. Tartu City Government

Conference on “Smart specialization – medical technologies. How to support technology transfer successfully? Past experiences and recommendations for the future.” is part of the project activities, which are created for Tartu region.

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