Tervisetehnoloogiate Arenduskeskus AS (Competence Centre on Health Technologies)

Established: 2009
Activities: personal medicine, drug development, veterinary medicine
The aim of company is through collaboration to create synergy between all partners in order to establish a platform for new opportunities to develop innovative technologies as well as to boost commercialization of scientific achievements. 
Kontakt: Tiigi 61b, 50410 Tartu
Phone +372 7 330 401
Website: www.ccht.ee
Status: alumni

BioEximi OÜ

Established: 2009
Sector:  in vitro fertilization laboratory services (semen analysis and fertilization)
BioEximi helps patients who wish to have children by extracorporeal fertilization. Today, the particular client of BioEximi is West-Tallinn Central Hospital with its patients.
Kontakt: Sõle 23, Tallinn
Telephone: +372666 5888
Homepage: www.lapsesoov.ee ; Status: Alumni

F-Est OÜ

Established: 2009
Sector: hormone therapy, insemination, extracorporeal fertilization, ICSI and frozen embryo transfer.
The company’s main objective is to develop a network of various infertility treatment clinics in developing countries where access to services is limited at the moment. Clinics have been opened in Georgia and India.
Kontakt: Pärnu mnt 20, Tallinn
Telephone: +3725056213, +3726691968
Fax: +372 6 691 967; Status: Alumni

Gametia OÜ

Established: 2012
Sector: Research and development in the field of biotechnology
The company offers gamete collection service, intermediates them to a variety of IVF clinics in Scandinavia, Finland, Spain and Ireland. Genetic test is performed to a gamete donors, which includes analysis of mutations in 300 genes, which may result up to 700 different genetic diseases.
Kontakt: Pärnu mnt. 20-5, Tallinn
Telephone: +372 6 691 968 ; +372 52 76 609; Status: Alumni

Kliinik Elite AS

Established: 2002,  IVF laboratory started 1993
Sector: gynecology, andrology, urology, general surgery, endocrinology, skin diseases, allergic diseases, orthopedics, pediatric diseases, ear, nose and throat diseases, cardiology
Elite Clinic is the only private hospital and infertility clinic in Estonia with a certificate of conformity. The clinic has three floors and a basement, total area of about 2,000 square meters. As the only private hospital in Estonia Elite clinic has ISO quality management certificate. First IVF baby in the Baltic countries was born in 1995 as a result of Andrei Sõritsa team work.
Kontakt: Sangla 63, Tartu
Telephone: +372 7409 930
Fax +372 7409931
Homepage: www.elitekliinik.ee/elite/ ; Status:Alumni