The Blue Bioeconomy entails a large set of opportunities for European coastal communities. Innovative business models based on circularity; short-chains, digital solutions and ecosystem contributions offer the chance to stabilize and create new enterprises and jobs also for the lower-educated; while transforming remote, rural areas also into interesting, revitalized, climate-friendly places to live.

BlueBioClusters brings together 13 support organizations from 9 European regions, all of them highly engaged in assisting start-ups, companies and policy makers to make best use of blue innovations. They have joined forces to improve, develop and implement new support tools and methods:

  • Showcase integrated and circular value chains within the Blue Bioeconomy, which can serve as role models & inspiration to European coastal communities
  • Provide tools for supporting businesses/regions in calculating their individual contribution to ecosystem services and valorise them within novel ecologic-driven business models
  • Provide regional blue bio companies access to the technologies they require
  • Stimulate / accelerate the development of an innovative, inclusive blue bioeconomy in the participating regions
    • by providing individualized support to more than 100 companies
    • organising local co-creation workshops and
    • a series of transnational bootcamps targeting specific challenges
  • Foster blue bioeconomy actions in regional development plans and their political / societal uptake through Communities of Practices

We expect to create long-lasting impact by engaging directly with hundreds of actors within our regions to stimulate collaboration and actions for change.

Project is financed by the Horizon Europe, H-CL6-2021-GOV-01-09 Revitalization of European local communities with innovative bio-based business models and social innovation in total amount of 2.5 million Euros.

Project duration: 3 years | August 2022 – August 2025

More information on SUBMARINER Network website.

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Contact in Tartu Biotechnology Park:
Sven Parkel

Tel.: +372 7 383 053