Clinical Artificial Intelligence-based Diagnostics (CAIDX)

The project CAIDX establishes cooperation between artificial intelligence (AI) providers and healthcare institutions to help healthcare professionals integrate AI, and thus improve diagnostics and treatment.
Project summary
Digitalisation is increasing rapidly across all sectors including healthcare. This can result in positive effects by increasing the healthcare sector’s reactivity and resilience (increasing speed and accuracy of diagnostics, optimising resources). AI and data-driven diagnostics tools are being intensively developed for applications in the healthcare sector, but the uptake is difficult for several reasons:
– Hospitals/clinicians see AI as a black box and do not understand the logic behind the algorithms used;
– The industry does not necessarily grasp clinical needs, so they provide tools that are not meeting the requirements of users;
– Hospitals do not have the expertise to acquire and contract those tools based on validated scientific data;
– Hospitals need support in developing tools together with solution providers and secure implementation into existing IT platforms, linking with patients’ data and fitting them in the workflow;
– Staff is not prepared to adopt the solutions or trained to use and make the best use of them.
CAIDX aims to create the conditions to facilitate the uptake of AI and data-driven diagnostics tools for healthcare (and hospitals in particular) by focusing on co-development, contracting, acquisition and capacity building. By developing standard procedures for the development, testing and implementation of such AI applications, our solutions will improve and accompany the cultural change necessary to unfold the potential of AI in the healthcare sector.
Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme 2021-2027
Implementation period: 
January 2023 – December 2025
2.91€ Million
Triin Vakker
+372 5554 0773
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