Estonia was the most efficient CEE country in using EU funds

During the years 2007-2013, Estonia and the other Baltic States were the most efficient countries in Central and Eastern Europe in terms of using resources of European Union structural funds, writes LETA/Äripä

An analysis by KPMG, titled EU Funds in Central and Eastern Europe – Progress Report 2007-2013 stated that the efficiency of usage of funds is demonstrated by the difference in the support funding that has been earmarked from the amounts actually paid.

Estonia has the best indicator in this field, 19%. Lithuania’s difference is 25% and that of Latvia is 26%. The least efficient CEE country to use EU funds is Bulgaria, where the difference was 58%.

KPMG Baltics reported that by the end of 2013, Estonia had covered 96% of EU’s allocated support funding with contracts and had paid 77% of the funds.

Source: The Baltic Course