sTARTUp 2015 BioTech 30th of October 2015

sTARTUp 2015 BioTech will take place on 30th October 2015 in Tartu, Garage48 HUB (Raekoja plats 16).

The goal of sTARTUp Biotech is bringing together starting and established entrepreneurs in biotechnology, medicine and veterinary medicine. The event focuses on business development and execution of the ideas.

We expect mainly students, researchers and novice entrepreneurs in biotechnology and medicine but also a number of people with established sector experience. The number of participants is limited to 60.

It is a one-day event based on Garage48 and Startup Weekend format, where the teams are formed on spot and all activities are carried out continuously. There will be short introductory lectures (From Idea to Business, Marketing and Entering Foreign Markets, Finding Investors and Intellectual Property) and 2-minute pitches of the ideas. After the pitch of the original idea, a poster is put up allowing others to register as team members.

The ideas will be developed according to the program. Every team/idea will have at least one mentor join the team depending on the field and requirements. There will be 10 teams/ideas altogether. After business development there will be pitch training and the event ends with pitching-show. The mentors will perform as judges for pitches and prizes will be given out in following categories:

  • The winner of sTARTUp2015 Biotech
  • Best new idea
  • Best pitch

For registration to sTARTUp 2015 Biotech please use our online registration form

sTARTUp 2015 BioTech schedule is available HERE 

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Sponsors of this event are Tartu City Government, Tartu Biotechnology Park and Invent Baltics.