The Inspire Programme will raise awareness in RIS countries on global food challenges and provide trainings on the latest innovations in Food & Agriculture.

Challenges in today’s Food System are complex and interconnected. To address them, digital innovative solutions along the entire value chain are required: digitalisation of traceability can improve the safety, efficiency, value and sustainability of food chains and increase consumer trust.
This summer school therefore responds to the need of creating more transparent food chains in a new circular economy. With the support of experts in the field, great industry partners and competent mentors, students will learn to develop their entrepreneurial skills and to identify the opportunities to build new businesses solutions that would meet demands for transparency.


Over a period of 3 weeks, from 4 October 2021 to 22 October 2021, the course will provide a dynamic and supportive environment for you to learn the entrepreneurship basics and develop new ventures in the food chains. The summer school will be delivered in e-learning mode, with a mix of asynchronous and synchronous events and talks, including teamwork sessions and idea labs.


Graduate, Master, PhD students and young professionals, coming from European RIS Countries, who want to learn about the digital transparent food chain reality, and want to develop their skills to find new business solutions.


The application is already open and must be submitted online by 30 September 2021.
For more information you can send an email to Prof. Milena Corredig – University of Aarhus –


No feed neither for participants coming from RIS countries nor for those coming non-RIS countries, but applicants from non-RIS countries are not counted in the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

For further details, please visit: https://www.eitfood.eu/projects/ris-inspire#tab2