ChallengEIT – outstanding opportunity for start-ups open for applications

Novartis, EIT Health InnoStars and EIT Hub Israel joined forces to support and test some of the most exciting solutions to the four identified challenges in today’s pharma world.

Selected start-ups will have the opportunity to test and grow their solutions with the support of global mentors compiled by Novartis, EIT Health InnoStars & EIT Hub Israel.

Deadline for application: 15 August 2022

The Challenges

Following are the four most major challenges existing in today’s pharma world, assembled by the multinational pharmaceutical corporation Novartis. Become one of the few selected start-ups that manage to solve them!

  1. Peer-to-peer medical exchange in a digital space: how to carry “corridor conversations” online amongst practising clinicians from different countries, how to intensify peer-based learning and practical insights sharing, and how to enable seamless communications and exchange of approaches, experiences, and cases amongst healthcare professionals to improve patient care.
  2. Patient navigation throughout the patient journey: how can we support patients to navigate through the complexity of their disease and treatment procedures, and how to improve outcomes of self-managed care pathways without reference to “Dr Google.”
  3. Precision Medicine and Personalised care: how can we better predict the treatment response, assess patients’ risk profiles, and match them with personalised, effective care.
  4. EUnite Movement Challenge-Access to healthcare: solidarity in health is a cornerstone of EU health policy. How can we improve access to healthcare services, and how can we support the migration challenge by providing efficient access to the best available care, especially in times of crisis.
Why should you apply?
  • You will receive tailored mentoring by top-tier global experts from Novartis, EIT Health, and EIT Hub in Israel based on your needs
  • Market access to EIT’s largest health innovation ecosystem
  • You will enjoy the benefits of the EIT global community’s alumni network
  • Pilot, validate and possibly scale your solution across Novartis’ global market
Who can apply?

Start-ups, spin-offs, and SMEs coming from Europe or Israel with a innovative working solution.

Apply here: