Apply for EIT Food programme TeamUp where brilliant co-founders team up and create impactful agrifood startups

TeamUp matches leading technologists with entrepreneurial business professionals and supports them on their journey to co-create truly impactful agrifood ventures.

TeamUp is a 6-month programme that finds and matches up brilliant innovators with compatible and complementary profiles. TeamUp provides important tools and support to build your startup including expert guidance, world-class training, mentorship, networking and funding. These new teams will be nurtured to create strong co-founder relationships with aligned purpose and values.

 Who should apply

You’ve got a technology that can transform the food system.

Apply for TeamUp if you:

  • Have an impactful agrifood technology that tackles one of EIT Food’s Focus Areas;
  • Want to bring your innovative solution to the market but struggle to commercialize it;
  • Are passionate about entrepreneurship and want to develop and grow an impactful agrifood startup;
  • Want to partner up with the right co-founder who would lead the business side of developing a startup.

You’ve got the skills and experience to build a successful agrifood startup.

Apply for TeamUp if you:

  • Have entrepreneurship development experience in areas like business, operations, marketing, strategy and want to apply your skills to bring an impactful agrifood solution to market;
  • Are passionate about innovation and technology in the agrifood sector;
  • Want to partner up with brilliant technologists and become a co-founder or team member of an innovative agrifood startup;
  • Care about making a positive impact in one of EIT Food’s Focus Areas.

Applications for Tech & Business are open now until June 2nd 2023 – apply here.

More info about the programme and terms can be found here.