Furcella OÜ

Established: 2015.
Activities: production and sale of natural cosmetics
Berrichi’s creams contain the unique combination of  astaxanthin and furcellaran, which have scientifically proven deeply moisturizing and anti-aging effects. For most effective products, the formulas are created by the scientists.
Contact: Kanali tee 6, 10112, Kesklinna linnaosa, Tallinn, Harju maakond
Phone: +372 50 988 01
Website: https://berrichi.ee/
Status: inkubation


Established: 2017
Activities: development and production of natural cosmetics
Loond° produces Nordic nature SPA cosmetics. The products are made together with wellness SPAs and scientists.
Contact: Pentremäe, 79831, Loone küla, Kohila vald, Rapla maakond
Phone: +372 56 561 411
Website: https://loond.eu/
Status: incubation

Vetik OÜ

Established: 2017
Activities: Vetik is developing the production of a natural (marine algae based) red colorant which is healthy and has potential skin rejuvenating properties. They are also investigating the possibilities to use red seaweed as a biostimulant to plants.
Contact: Lahe, 93859, Muratsi küla, Saaremaa vald, Saare maakond
Phone: +372 55 540 888
Website: www.vetik.eu
Status: incubation

Neopafet OÜ (VOH brand)

Established: 2007
Activities: Development, production and sale of series of handicraft soaps and bathroom accessories. Sale of natural body care accessories.
Phone: +372 555 600 32
Website: https://www.voh.ee/
Status: incubation

Perfect Cosmetics OÜ

Established: 2013
Sector: production and marketing of natural cosmetics
The company’s business concept is to manufacture skin care products from local pressed hemp oil. Skin care products contain only natural ingredients.
Contact: Tartu Biotechnology Park, Tiigi 61B, Tartu
Telephone: +372 56 627 889
Homepage: http://www.luminordic.com/

Perfect Oil OÜ

Established: 2011
Sector: manufacturing and marketing of hemp, developing hemp cultivation
Perfect Oil offers the opportunity to enrich and to balance your food table with so called ‘super food’, which will also cover the people’s vitamin, trace elements and essential fatty acids requirements. The company offers the sale of hemp seeds, hemp oil, hemp oil capsule, hemp protein powder, etc.
Contact: Tartu Biotechnology Park, Tiigi 61B, Tartu
Homepage: http://kanepitooted.perfectplant.ee/

Ökokosmeetika OÜ

Established: 2010
Sector: company manufactures and develops ecological cosmetics line, which includes a cold-process soaps, creams, shampoos, scrubs etc.
All products are handmade and are made up mostly organic ingredients. Maarja´s ecological cosmetics oils and waxes have an independent organization Soil Association Organic certification and domestic herbs “Estonian Organic” sign.
Contact: Ravila 59, Tartu
Telephone: Eliko Kajak +372 5514925
Homepage: http://www.okokosmeetika.ee/