EIT Jumpstarter 2023 open for applications

One of Europe’s best programmes for early-stage innovators, EIT Jumpstarter is back in 2023 with two new categories: Rebuild Ukraine and Digital. Apply now and join EIT Jumpstarter and access the largest innovation network of EIT Communities. You will compete for the whopping first prize of up to €10,000 in nine categories. Applications can be sent until the 16th of April 2023 23:59 CET.

Economic growth, stability, and social impact can be achieved through deep tech. To bring new ideas to the market, Europe needs to nurture its talent pool. The whole talent pool. There are thousands of researchers, scientists, and early entrepreneurs working on cutting-edge ideas in over 25 countries in Central, Eastern, and Southern Europe. Many of them build innovations but lack business skills, networks, or market validation. With the EIT Jumpstarter, they get this. We want to initiate early adoption of technology trends, override hype curves, and deliver long-term value for the European deep tech ecosystem.

The programme has already helped 750 teams across different industries and regions. If you or someone you know want to join the new wave of Europe’s changemakers, apply now in one of the following categories: Health, Food, Raw Materials, Innoenergy, Urban Mobility, Manufacturing, Digital, New European Bauhaus or Rebuild Ukraine.

The idea must be within the scope of the main challenges:

– in EIT Health: New models to deliver healthcare; Facilitating the uptake of digital medicaldevices in Europe; Harnessing the full potential of health data for innovation; Supporting the deployment of Important Project of Common European Interest in Health (IPCEI) to address market failures. More details: https://eithealth.eu/who-we-are/our-focus-areas/

– in EIT Food: optimizing resource efficiency and environmental sustainability of agriculture supply, primary production, processing,storing, packaging, logistics/distribution, retail, consumer research, nutrition monitoring and food service; developing nutritionally-customized food products, addressing unmet needs and generating consumer relevant functionalities; building
trust in the food system, securing traceability and auditability of food quality, safety and authenticity, combining digital and sensor technologies to acquire and transmit information through the food value chain. In general – development of solutions that will put new products on the market, introduce new and improved commercial processes and services, and achieve: Healthier Lives Through Food, A Net Zero Food System, A Fully Transparent, Fair and Resilient Food System. More details: https://eitfood.eu

– in New European Bauhaus: Selected ideas should propose innovative solutions that contribute to developing beautiful, sustainable and inclusive places, products and ways of living. New European Bauhaus is a crossroad between science/technology and art/culture. In their proposals, applicants should pay particular attention to at least one of the three dimensions of the New
European Bauhaus (NEB):

  • Sustainability: e.g.: garden ecosystem conservation, waste management, heat waves mitigation, exploiting the farming potential of block facades, decreasing CO2 level, preserving biodiversity, mitigate climate change, fostering circularity
  • Aesthetics: when functionality and style/art go together, e.g.: promotion of local culture and music, creative services suited to researchers and scientists, bring and feel nature indoors, make healthy eating visually attractive, transform public buildings and spaces more sustainable
  • Inclusion: securing accessibility and affordability to all, e.g.: collaborative food growing, diversifying neighborhoods, wellbeing of users in buildings, connecting seniors/pensioners, cross generation exchange (Other examples of thematic fitting the NEB category: healthy and inclusive neighborhoods, accessible living spaces, alternative building methods that respect the environment and the surrounding culture, innovative solutions in construction, materials, structures, design and production methods, smart infrastructure solutions, circular and sustainable design and architecture.) More details: https://europa.eu/new-european-bauhaus/about/aboutinitiative_en 
Is it for me?

The EIT Jumpstarter is open to students, PhDs, researchers, and entrepreneurs from over 20 countries in Central, Eastern, and Southern Europe, including Ukraine, Turkiye, and the Western Balkans.

It’s been shaped by top experts from seven innovation communities. Its curriculum responds to the main challenges researchers and scientists face when starting their own deep-tech companies.

With EIT Jumpstarter, you’ll get direct insights into industry dynamics and trends, and upgrade your Business Readiness Level. A genuinely unique cross-industry environment makes it easy to get started.

One of the winners last year was Thertact, who competed in the Health division. André Perrotta recommends the EIT Jumpstarter because the programme helped them to “understood how to put a price on the product and the steps to make it investable so that they could develop it more.”

What’s in it for me?

Through the programme, you will receive:

  • Training from experienced innovators
  • Support the ideation process through business upskilling
  • Cross-sectoral validation to reach product/solution market fit
  • Grant to cover your travel and accommodation, or develop your project and create your start-up
  • Access to the EIT Alumni and investors’ network
  • Entrepreneurial toolbox to create and innovate your business model
  • A chance to win the €10,000 first prize
Applications are open by 16 April 2023.

For terms & conditions and the application, please visit apply.eitjumpstarter.eu