Established: 2017
Sector: Indoor food recycling bin that composts your biowaste into home-made fertilizer. The quick composter decomposes food waste up to 10 times faster than conventional compost heaps. The waste is not accessible to animals, does not emit odors from the composter, and works with organic microbes that accelerate the decomposition process.
Business name: Festera Bioboxes OÜ  Contact: Taara pst 1a, 51005, Tartu
Webpage: https://wastefox.ee/
Status: incubation

Nutriferm OÜ

Established: 2011
Sector: Research and development in natural sciences and engineering.
The Company is engaged in the development of a energy bar. Energy bar will offer the opportunity to complement the diet and the lack of the necessary trace elements, vitamins and amino acids, combining the various components to a novel combination and providing the form in which it is routinely used in a convenient and pleasant way.
Contact: Tartu Biotechnology Park, Tiigi 61B, Tartu  Status: Alumnus

Vision Solutions Technologies Europe OÜ

Established: 2004
Tegevusvaldkond:  Research and development on natural sciences and engineering
Contact: Tartu Biotechnology Park, Tiigi 61B, Tartu
Telephone: +372 6 691 968; Status: Alumnus