Be Smart, Think Blue Brokerage Event 2016

Maritime Institute in Gdańsk is organising The ‘Be Smart, Think Blue’ Conference and Brokerage Event 2016 taking place on 19th-20th September 2016 in Gdańsk. The event offers the full range of marine and maritime stakeholders – enterprises, researchers, public bodies and NGOs – the opportunity to get inspired and to interact for boosting the Smart Blue Regions (19th September 2016) and to establish contacts with potential partners to address open calls for Blue Growth research proposals in Horizon 2020 (20th September 2016).

The ‘Be Smart, Think Blue’ Brokerage Event 2016 on 20th September 2016 offers a full day of opportunities to establish contacts with potential project partners. In the morning researchers, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders are invited to present their project idea in 5 minutes flash presentations. During the event attendees will also be able to meet with international national contact point staff (NCPs) from the BioHorizon and ETNA2020 projects able to provide support in relation to the rules of participation, partnering, proposal writing, etc.

Following successful registration, participants will have the opportunity to meet potential project partners in a series of pre-arranged bilateral meetings lasting 20 minutes each. The arrangement of bilateral meetings will be based on the participant profiles and the research interests indicated by the attendees.

Participation at the brokerage event is contingent upon the submission of high quality organisation and research profiles, which are necessary to ensure the brokerage event is of the highest possible value for all attendees. During the registration process you will also be asked to select your blue growth-related topics of interest from the current work programmes, as indicated below.


BLUE GROWTH CALLS 2017 (Societal Challenge 2)

BG-02-2017 | High value-added specialised vessel concepts enabling more efficient servicing of emerging coastal and offshore activities

BG-04-2017 | Multi-use of the oceans’ marine space, offshore and near-shore: compatibility, regulations, environmental and legal issues

BG-06-2017 | Interaction between people, oceans and seas: a strategic approach to healthcare and well-being

BG-07-2017 | Blue green innovation for clean coasts and seas

BG-08-2017 | Innovative sustainable solutions to improve the safety and dietary properties of seafood

BG-11-2017 | The effect of climate change on Arctic permafrost and its socio-economic impact, with a focus on coastal areas

SFS-21-2016-2017 | Advancing basic biological knowledge and improving management tools for commercially important fish and other seafood species. [2017] Strengthening the knowledge base for resilient and resource-efficient fisheries in EU  waters  and  in  international  waters  covered  by  the  North-East  Atlantic  Fisheries  Commission  and the General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean

SFS-22-2017 | Smart fisheries technologies for an efficient, compliant and environmentally friendly fishing sector

SFS-32-2017 | Promoting and supporting eco-intensification of aquaculture production systems: inland (including freshwater), coastal zone and offshore

RUR-02-2017 | Coastal-rural interactions: Enhancing synergies between land and sea-based activities


MOBILITY FOR GROWTH CALLS 2017 (Societal Challenge 4)

MG-2.1-2017 | Innovations for energy efficiency and emission control in waterborne transport

MG-2.4-2017 | Complex and value-added specialised vessels

MG-7.3-2017 | The port of the future



Joint initiatives financed from sources other than H2020 | Machinery & Technology, e.g., installation technologies and equipment, engines, etc.

Joint initiatives financed from sources other than H2020 | Life Sciences & Blue Medicine, e.g., food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic products and components, building materials, etc.

Joint initiatives financed from sources other than H2020 | Energy, e.g., biomass, tides, wind, etc.

Why to participate?

  •  Discover the latest development of smart specialisations in marine and maritime
  • Establish cross-border contacts and initiate co-operation in the area of marine and maritime
  • Find new commercial/technological/research partners
    Present, discuss and develop new project ideas

How to participate?

  • Registration is open until 5th September at the event website:
  • There is no conference fee, the language of the event is English.

The event is organised jointly by:

  • Smart Blue Regions Interreg project (Smart specialisation and blue growth in the Baltic Sea
  • BioHorizon project (Food security, sustainable agriculture and forestry, marine and maritime
    and inland water research and the bioeconomy, and
  • ETNA2020 project (Smart, green and integrated transport,

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