Join the “WE Lead Food” – network for women in the food sector

WE Lead Food is the network for women in the food sector.

Based on the Three Cs of collective leadership – cooperate, collaborate and cocreate – WE Lead Food is creating enabling environments where women leaders thrive and can be inspired by other women leaders.

Course developed by EIT Food, Europe’s leading food innovation initiative, led by The University of Cambridge and designed for women having a passion and commitment to drive the transformation to a more sustainable food system.

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The WE Lead Food Programme is designed to equip you with the tools to make a real difference and achieve real results.

WE Leaders benefit from a ready-made network of women leaders from across the entire food value chain, enabling them to draw on knowledge and insights from other parts of the sector that they might not currently have access to. During the programme, you have trusted sounding boards to discuss whatever challenges you might want to take on in the future. This equips you with a range of entrepreneurial and leadership tools to enable you to successfully take on bigger challenges and tackle the system in a way that you might not have done before.

Programme structure

The WE Lead Food programme works with you to:

  • explore and develop both your entrepreneurial self and your leadership self,
  • define your vision for a more sustainable food system,
  • devise a plan to realise your vision.

The programme is made up of interactive sessions designed to unlock and develop your entrepreneurial mindset and capabilities in the context of leading in the complex and changing food industry.

We will work with you to challenge and progress your development plan. Throughout the process, you will have access to an expert group of industry, academic and policy specialists, a cross-sector industry leaders’ network and the tools to leverage both entrepreneurial and collective leadership ways of working.

The programme will take place online over a 7-week period. This includes three full days, and sessions most Tuesday and Thursday afternoons during these 7 weeks. An overview of the programme is available here. Full details and logistics will be provided to applicants offered a place on the programme.”