How can bone healing be improved? Which goals are to be achieved for pending researches? And what opportunities can be developed to solve existing challenges? These and further questions are going to be a matter of interest at the BONE INNOVATION SUMMIT 2019. Dietmar Hutmacher, who focusses on tissue engineering, from the Queensland University of Technology Brisbane, Australia, is going to give the key note lecture.

Representatives of industry, research and the clinical sector meet to share their knowledge, experiences and innovative ideas to explore solutions that address the needs of people affected by the issue of bone healing. The BONE INNOVATION SUMMIT is driven by the Interreg projects BFCC and BONEBANK as well as the Northopedics network that is funded by the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein. If you are interested in becoming a part of the future of bone healing, then register now for your participation at the summit. You can also have a look at the programme, which has been published today.

The BONE INNOVATION SUMMIT 2019 takes place at the 13th and 14th February at the media docks in Lübeck, Germany. We are looking forward to welcome you there

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