Mentor Club Afternoon with Jakob Saks

Tuesday, May 24th at 16:30 in Tartu Biotechnology Park is the next Mentor Club Afternoon. The event is directed to enterprises and their employees active in the field of life science, members of Estonian HealthTech Cluster, but also to research and development institutions and their staff, students and others related interested in biotech business.

This time the mentor will be Jakob Saks.


Jakob Saks is a seasoned trainer, exporter and entrepreneur. He has been working in international business for more than 18 years, starting in Estonian companies and working his way up to running export division for one Spanish manufacturer and being in charge of more than 80 countries in the world. Since returning to Estonia he has started several new companies, including innovative off-road motorsports company Rabaconda and a cosy restaurants in Tallinn. Currently he is active on his latest venture Dentilink. Dentilink is digital marketplace that brings together dentists and laboratories worldwide and does that via a browser-based ordering/fulfillment and collaboration platform. Jakob has master degree from Copenhagen Business School. One day he become from a trainer and export manager to an entrepreneur– why, who and how it all happened – the answers to this and other questions can be found at Mentor Club Afternoon.

Mentor Club discussions will run until 19.00. Then a small snack and beverage will be available and to communication in free form will continue as long as the story continues.

Participation is free of charge.

To participate on Mentor Club Afternoon, please sign up until 20th of May on the website or e-mail address: .

We recommend you to transmit a variety of questions about topics that interest you the most regarding the business, export, Jakob Saks personal work and his entrepreneurial experience.