EstLat BioBoost training (in Riga) 15-16 February

This training will focus on developing two very practical skills.

1. Creation of and work with a Roadmap: 
We will help you see the value in understanding where you are and what the next active steps could be so you best leverage the resources available to you and know what resources that you
need to find.

2. Interviewing skills:
You need lots of information from a range of stakeholders. How do you make sure you get it in an effective, structured, and actionable way? We will help you to see great ways to do it.

What we want from you:
By Feb. 8:
1. That you have sent us a lean or business model canvas
2. That you have sent us a one page description of the technology you are working with.
Openness to the feedback you get from the workshop leaders, experts, and other participants.
Readiness to provide feedback to others
A great attitude and energy!

What we will share with you:
A working model using a Roadmap to help your idea be realized
Expert feedback on your technology
Expert feedback on your business model
Training in how to interview/speak with stakeholders in your business or business area
An expanding network of relevant contacts

Registering is open here:


February 15
Begin at 11:00
1. Creating a roadmap for your company/idea (Gunars Kisis)
a. Present the concept and share examples of companies in various stages
b. Mapping the ecosystem and understanding what is useful for you
c. What other resources are needed?
d. Make your roadmap
e. Present to others and help others create good maps
Lunch at 13:00
Finish workshop at 17:00
2. Evening – networking event with invited investors, experts, and relevant businesses.

Day two:
Start at 9:00
1. Training in interviewing relevant stakeholders (Tom Schmit, Greg Mathers) – this training will help you develop and/or improve your ability to identify important stakeholders (in or for your business), create interview plans, interview the stakeholders, and then categorize and understand what you learn from speaking with them. This is an important skill in the customer discovery and development process.
2. The training will include:
a. Video examples
b. Active work in creating lists of people who should be interviewed
c. Decisions about priorities in who to talk to
d. Making a map of what information should be gathered
e. Role plays in interviews
We will also have a discussion with an investor (Jerry Wirth) to help you understand what early stage investors look for and how to have an interview that would bring this out.
3. Lunch – 13:00
4. 14:00 – Pitching for technical experts and each other (get technical feedback + pitching coaching)
5. 17:00 – formal completion but informal discussions can continue.

This event will be state aid relevant.